Imagine that you are writing an essay pouring all your heart and soul into it but then that essay does not get a good grade in return – if that’s the case, then you need to revisit your essay writing strategy, find out what is wrong and fix it; and to help you with that, here are few commonly committed mistakes in essay writing and tips on how to fix them:

Spelling Errors and Typos:

Nothing unusual, spelling errors are one of the most commonly committed mistakes in essay writing. Also typos make up for many errors which eventually make you lose valuable points.

TIP:Do not depend on your word processors own tool for spell-check and typos. If you want to write “It is a brown dog” but you accidentally write “It is a brown log” – The Auto Spell check would not detect this typo as both ‘dog’ and ‘log’ are correct spellings. Similarly if you write “my cat dyed”, you must have meant “my cat died but the spell check wont detect the mistake, as “dyed” also exists in dictionary. Therefore go through the essay after writing it down.

Grammatical errors:

Simple grammatical errors can effect the credibility of your essay – Find anything wrong with this sentence? Yes, it is the eternal confusion of the correct usage for effect/affect. Such mistakes might get corrected by your word processor’s grammar correction tool, but relying wholly on it is not advisable e.g. “Your good writer” and “you’re good writer” do not get detected by the grammar check.

TIP: Don’t just depend on the green underlined error, instead read the whole essay ALOUD. If any sentence sounds awkward or out of place, rephrase it if necessary.

Punctuation errors:

Essay writers often commit punctuation problems often in essays, which includes semi-colon, colon and period. It might seem just a placement mistake, but it can change the meaning of the entire sentence or even a paragraph.

TIP: Go through the essay for punctuation only. Make sure you end every sentence with a period, exclamation mark, or question mark in the correct place. Take special care when quoting from another source about where to start using the quotation marks and where to end it.

In short, Be careful and read the essay thoroughly after writing it down, and you will see how many valuable points you can save from losing due to petty errors. Till then, Happy Writing!